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Exall Park in Dallas

Overall grade: A (23 points/24 points)

Two separate playground structures
+ Peaceful, shaded areas
Pet friendly
– Platform on large playground doesn’t allow for easy change of direction to get off structure
– Street parking

Tucked away in downtown Dallas is Exall Park. Amidst the bustling city and sky-high buildings, Exall Park serves as a quiet retreat. The square piece of land is lined with a running trail and within the area are a baseball field, a basketball court and the playground area. The playground is well-kept and clean with two separate areas for kids big and small. Even in the brutal Texas heat, kids and parents can find refuge in the shade of nearby trees. The playground scored a high A on the safety report card for a design that kids will find fun and parents can trust is safe. Bring your furry family members when you visit Exall Park; there is plenty of grassy area for them to explore. Like most areas in downtown, parking is limited so prepare to park on the street. 1355 Adair St.

Grade based on the National Program for Playground Safety’s Safety Report Card at playgroundsafety.org.

This review was distributed to the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation for further review and/or action.