Summer Nights, Summer Science, Perot Museum


July 05, 2019
12:00 AM


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Friday, July 5, 5–8pm

Explore and experiment as you dive into the science behind summertime staples like sunscreen and fireworks. Plus, celebrate the second annual LGBTQ+ STEM day with fun science activities for the whole family.

Scheduled Activities:
Fire and Ice Show, Theater | 6:30pm: Experience the power of seasonal extremes though an exciting live science show.

Exploding Watermelon, Plaza | 7:30pm: How many rubber bands will it take to cause a watermelon to explode? Make your guess, then watch it happen. The person with the closest guess will win a prize!

Float Your Boat, Plaza | Ongoing: Compete against your friends to see who can engineer a boat to hold the most cargo without sinking.

Giant Sun Photo Op, Lobby | Ongoing: Take a fun photo in front of our giant inflatable sun. #perotmuseum

DIY Sun Dial, Lobby | Ongoing: Make and learn how to use this ancient time-telling device.

Heat-Loving Animals, Level 3 Landing | Ongoing: Visit an animal expert to find out how some critters use heat to their advantage.

UV Minerals, Level 3 Gems and Minerals Hall | Ongoing: Find out why certain minerals fluoresce under UV light, and see just how important wearing sunscreen is.

Colors of Fireworks Demonstration, Level 4 Landing | 6pm and 7pm: See a live demonstration of how fireworks get their colors!

LGBTQ+ STEM Day: Visit these stations to celebrate noted LGBTQ+ STEM scientists by participating in activities related to their areas of expertise. Create a souvenir as you go!
-Straw Rockets | Plaza. Celebrate astronaut Sally Ride by building your own rocket.
-Code Breaking | Level 2 Activity Station. Learn how to write and break codes in honor of Alan Turning, influential computer scientist.
-Eyeball Dissection | Level 2 Being Human Hall. Check out an eyeball dissection and learn about the groundbreaking physician, Sara Josephine Baker.

Free with regular admission