Social Justice Play Series, Dallas Children's Theater


November 06, 2020 to November 15, 2020


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Dallas Children’s Theater (DCT) continues its commitment to using the power of theater to spark important conversation about race by producing a series of short plays by award-winning playwright, poet, and changemaker Idris Goodwin.

These three short shows, dubbed the Social Justice Play Series, will be available completely free of charge online over the course of the next three months starting September 25 with the first play, The Water Gun Song.

The second show in the series Nothing Rhymes with Juneteenth (recommended for ages 9 and older) finds a parent and child trying to complete a rap for a school presentation and will be directed by Cherish Robinson and premieres October 16.

The third show #MATTER (recommended for ages 14 and older) shows two former high school friends debating matters of life and race will be directed by Feleceia Benton and will premiere November 6.

Two talkbacks will be a part of each release. For #MATTER, register online of talkbacks on November 7 and 13, hosted by Denise Lee and Thomas Collier.