August 30, 2018 to December 31, 2018
12:00 AM


Fort Worth Public Library - Northwest Branch View map
6228 Crystal Lake Dr.,


Select days August 30–December 31

Gather with others to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials at the Panther Lab makerspace. From 3D printers and robotics to iMacs and a green screen, this space opens endless possibilities to your imagination. The lab is designed for grades K–12th but is available to anyone interested in exploring science, technology, engineering and math.

The lab is open:
Mondays: 2–7pm
Tuesdays: 2–5pm
Thursdays: 2–7pm
Saturdays: 2–5pm

All other times that the makerspace is open will be Open Studio time. This will be hands-on, self-guided yet supervised time where you can learn about what interests you. What will you make?

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