Cry Havoc Theater Company, Once Upon A Moon

Photo by Karen Almond


January 25, 2021 to February 08, 2021


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Once upon a time, the nights were always dark. Once upon a time, a little girl wandered barefoot through the snow. And once upon a time, another curious girl released the moon and stars from a secret room.

Join Cry Havoc Theater Company in their newest devised piece created from some of the lesser-known fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and others. Created by Mara Richards Bim and the teens of Cry Havoc Theater Company.

Filmed at Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park. Once Upon A Moon is Cry Havoc's first original work that is suitable for young children. Recommended for ages 7 and older due to the 70-minute run time.

On-demand streaming available beginning Monday, January 25. Ticket options:
-Household Ticket: Pay What You Can
-Cover Your Costs: $20. This ticket level pays for the real costs of Once Upon a Moon, including not just the materials but also the fees paid to artists.
-Household Ticket + Sponsor Another Household: $40. This ticket level not only covers the costs of your participation, but it covers the costs of another household truly in need.