April 01, 2020 to April 30, 2020


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KidsGardening is here to support the growing community of parents, educators, and gardeners as they think creatively about ideas to get kids gardening and ways to stay connected to nature. Whether you’re a newbie, experienced grower, or somewhere in between.

For family fun at home for Kids Garden Month, go online to find links to kids garden activities, garden-based educational resources, gardening advice, and other helpful tips to inspire you to just keep growing.

Fun at Home for Families
-KidsGardening Activities
-Growing Good Kids Book Awards
-Shelburne Farms At-Home Activities for Young Learners
-Art in and from the Garden

Learning at Home for Families
-KidsGardening Lessons
-In the Weeds Video Series
-Gro More Good Learning Activities
-Junior Master Gardener Virtual Group
-Journey North and Budburst
-Cabot Pollinator Patch Program

Teachers: At a Distance Instruction
Looking for exceptional digital resources to continue your students' learning? Here are a few you may want to pass along:
-KidsGardening Pollinator Journal
-Mister Chris and Friends
-Starting with Soil
-Understanding Food and Climate Change
-How Does it Grow?

School and Community Gardeners: Planting and Maintaining Gardens
-Seven Ways to Nurture Healthy Soil
-School Garden Support Organization Network
-FoodCorp COVID-19 Resources
-National Farm to School Network COVID-19 Resources
-Cooperative Gardens Commission

Gardening Tips for Beginners
The Gardening Basics Page offers many resources and we also have a section dedicated to Designing Gardens, but here are a few articles specifically tailored to new gardeners to get started with gardening for the first time:
-Indoor Seed Starting Q&A
-Transplanting and Direct Seeding
-Consider Container Gardening
-KidsGardening Growing Guides
-Preparing the Soil