Intervention: Ocean Blues, photo by Shannel Resto


June 14, 2019
12:00 AM


Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth View map


Friday, June 14, 8:30pm

In celebration of World Oceans Day, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth hosts performances by nonprofit theatre company Amphibian Stage Productions (Intervention – Ocean Blues), Laura Anderson Barbata and the Brooklyn Jumbies in The Modern's Grand Lobby.

Intervention – Ocean Blues is a cross-disciplinary performance by Laura Anderson Barbata in collaboration with the Brooklyn Jumbies and the communities where they are invited to perform. The performance highlights the physical and emotional relationships maintained with the life of our ocean and the urgent need for collective transformation. The resulting work combines spoken word, dance, stilt dancing, improvisation, ritual, procession, sculptural costuming, and music to create a unique form of storied performance.

Intervention - Ocean Blues is inspired by all the forms of life that make the ocean their home, in particular the extraordinary sea creatures that have the gift of producing their own light -bioluminescence - and live in the deepest and least explored depths of our ocean. It is a reminder that we must bring light to the crisis impacting life in our oceans and draw attention to the urgent need to elevate and change the values and practices of private industry, policy and our own personal choices.

The performance unfolds in an urban environment highly dependent on the health of the oceans, even though it may not be overtly obvious to our urban communities. Intervention - Ocean Blues invites audiences to acknowledge our intersecting identities and, to celebrate and honor them by changing behaviors to protect our oceans.

Brooklyn Jumbies Inc. is an organization whose sole purpose is to heighten the community's cultural awareness of African and African-Caribbean culture. Brooklyn Jumbies perform stilt dancing, which is one of the numerous cultural elements of the African and Caribbean Diaspora.

Advance tickets available online at
$20; $15 for Modern and Amphibian members.
Featuring live music by Tha Band. Cash bar available

Come early and enjoy dinner at Café Modern (reservations available by calling 817/840-2157) or a film at Magnolia at the Modern, featuring Walking on Water at 4 and 6pm.