Illuminate, Perot Museum of Nature and Science


November 03, 2018 to January 06, 2019
12:00 AM


Perot Museum of Nature and Science View map
2201 N Field Street,


November 3–January 6, open 10am–5pm Monday–Saturday; 11am–5pm Sunday

See the Perot Museum in a whole new light! Come be illuminated by breathtaking lights and beauty as well as inspiring, light-themed science throughout the museum.

Special installations inside:
-the Life Then and Now Hall: See prehistoric life in a whole new light as the Life Then and Now Hall is transformed by elaborate projections. Spectacular lights will illuminate the imposing T. rex, Frenelopsis (a 110-million-year-old tree), the long-necked Alamosaurus, and more.

-and the Aurora Illumination Installation inside the Gems and Minerals Hall: Be amazed by two original works of art. As a part of Dallas Aurora, the biannual light, video, and sound festival, the Perot Museum has commissioned an original work of projection art, The Velocity of Light – A Kaleidoscopic Journey, by local artist Carmen Menza. See the hall’s imposing sculptural outcropping transformed with moving kaleidoscopic light and colors which can only be truly appreciated in person.

Located just below the Aurora Illumination is the breathtaking installation of the “Aurora Butterfly of Peace.” This unique work of art, on loan from owner and curator Alan Bronstein, features 240 colored diamonds arranged in the shape of a butterfly and inspired by the aurora borealis, or northern lights. From fiery orange to tranquil blue and rosy pink, the rare, colored-diamond work of art weighs, in total, approximately 167 carats and took 12 years to create. Witness the diamonds fluoresce in alternating daylight and UV light while viewing one of the earth’s rarest icons of love, beauty, energy, nature, and peace.

Activities during weekends only, free with general admission:
-Starting November 10, discover the breathtaking science behind your favorite colors as you go on a personalized hunt to learn more about what makes minerals so stunning (Gems and Minerals Hall).
-See your friends and family illuminated by our giant kaleidoscope, where you can take beautiful photos and video of their images, lighted and reflected in spectacular ways (Gems and Minerals Hall).
Find that the already impressive dinosaurs have been enhanced by dramatic lighting and projection mapping (Life Then and Now Hall).
-Take part in spontaneous dino dance parties (Life Then and Now Hall).
-Project your favorite dinosaur at a light-up color table (Life Then and Now Hall).
-Contribute to the glowing vibe by wearing your own glowing or light-up accessories. There will also be fun, light-up wearables available for purchase.
-Stop at the Café for a selection of special glowing treats.
-Enjoy illumination-themed Bookworm Reading Time for our youngest guests.
-Test your knowledge at Illumination Trivia.
-Be on the lookout for pop-up Science on the Spot experiments and demonstrations that will reveal even more about the science of light.

Register online for special events and workshops:
-Day in the Life: Gemologist and Curator, December 8 from 9am–noon, $25 for members, $30 for nonmembers
-Winter Solstice Celebration, December 21, 6–9am, $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers (price includes all-day access to the museum)