September 29, 2018
12:00 AM


Crow Museum of Asian Art View map
2112 Flora Street,


Saturday, September 29

Enjoy readings from our favorite books, including stores from Stan Went Fishing: Stories and Images of Waking Up by Nancy Dorrier and Paul Fetter. One about being homesick, one about catching crawdads in a creek and another about being jealous of somebody else’s present, and one more about whether to share a toy or not. Participants can write or draw based on what is read to them and what that makes them imagine.
Held from 11am–noon in the Lotus Shop. Free.

Then participants are invited to read or share their work. Topics include writing a love letter to your parents or grandparents, your favorite food and what color is it and how does it smell, what happens when a pet is sick or dies, how to get along with people, and more. From 1–2pm in the Pearl Art Studio. Please note: A family registration includes admission for a family of four. $24 for family for the public; $20 for family for friends of the Crow.