June 09, 2019
12:00 AM


Irving Arts Center View map
2400 Flora Street,


Sunday, June 9, 1:30 and 4pm

Doktor Kaboom is an over-the-top German physicist with a passion for science that knows no bounds. He travels the world, thrilling adults and children alike with an explosive comedic style guaranteed to please every crowd.

It’s Just Rocket Science is a show like no other. Utilizing the physics of space exploration, Doktor Kaboom demonstrates that science is fun and science is for everyone, not just scientists. In Doktor Kaboom’s lab, science is not intimidating or hard, it just takes a bit of effort and analysis, but that’s life.

Thanks to Doktor Kaboom’s improvisational skill and comedic talents, no two shows will ever be the same. Exploring such topics as centripetal force, action/reaction, inertia, chemical reaction/combustion, and mathematical patterns. Doktor Kaboom’s character driven comedy will entertain audiences of every age, nothing says science like Kaboom!

Tickets are $2.