September 21, 2018 to October 31, 2018
12:00 AM


Dark Hour Haunted House View map
701 Taylor Dr., Plano TX 75074,


Open select nights September 21 — October 31

Dark Hour Haunted House is Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier haunted attraction with sets worthy of a Broadway production, professional actors, as well as strategic use of technology produces a genuine theatrical experience in terror for Dark Hour visitors. New shows are produced monthly which build on the existing theme of the Witch of Coven Manor, creating an expanded exploration of fear throughout the year.

Located on Plano Parkway just off of Hwy 75 and the President George Bush Turnpike. Since opening its doors during the Halloween Season in 2013, the goal of Dark Hour Haunted House has always been a simple one: produce the highest quality haunt experience available.

Dark Hour General Admission will take you on a journey into the unknown as you explore the grounds of Coven Manor. A coven of witches has held control over this landscape since the late 1800’s. Various witches rise to power within the Coven and each one brings with her a slew of new nightmares. Can you survive an encounter with the Coven?
Carl’s Playhouse General Admission: A second attraction from Dark Hour haunted house exploring what If Carl Cleaver owned a themed children’s pizza parlor? Obnoxious colors, creepy animated characters and all kinds of stuff Carl thinks kids will love. Since the authorities shut it down we will sneak you in at night when no one is there except the overly zealous employees and the robots that are set to Murder mode to double as night time security! Carl watches all from the security room and sees your fate.

Dark Hour: $28 general admission; $50 Fast Pass Admission
Carl’s Playhouse: $10 general admission; $20 Fast Pass Admission
Combo Dark Hour and Carl’s Playhouse: $36 general admission; $70 Fast Pass Admission
VIP $85
Season pass $215 (Open Friday and Saturday nights during Halloween season from 7pm–midnight and any other nights of the week from 7–10pm)