zoOceanarium reopens Children's Aquarium at Fair Park, Dallas


September 24, 2021


Children's Aquarium at Fair Park View map
1462 First Ave,
Dallas, TX, 75210

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On Friday, September 24, coinciding with the opening day of the State Fair of Texas, the historic Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park will re-open to the public under the new operation of zoOceanarium Group. The aquarium has long been managed by the Dallas Zoo, even after the facility was closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Permanent operating hours will be determined. For more information as it's announced, visit childrensaquarium.com or follow the aquarium on social media @childrensaquariumfairpark.

Opened in 1936 as part of the Texas Centennial Exposition, the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park is the oldest such attraction in the state. The highly experienced Dallas Zoo staff members who have been caring for the aquarium’s animals will now be employed by zoOceanarium Group and will continue their work at the attraction.

New at the Aquarium
zoOceanarium Group plans to add new exhibits to the fun at the Children’s Aquarium along with animals that have not been seen at the attraction before. Doctor Fish (Red Garra) will live in an interactive touch tank where they will snack on skin cells from visitors’ hands. Another interactive exhibit will be filled with Archer Fish which spit at their food, held by guests, to knock their meals into the water.

Swell Sharks, noted for their “glow in the dark” properties, will occupy a new environment, and a group of fascinatingly beautiful Sea Dragons will float in a new display. High tech experiences will be deployed among the exhibits to add to the wonder of a visit to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park.

“We’re excited to welcome zoOceanarium Group as the first new year-round tenant at Fair Park in over 20 years,” said Fair Park First Executive Director Brian Luallen. “zoOceanarium’s track record of creating educational and memorable experiences aligns with our goal to activate the campus with new experiences 365 days a year.”

About zoOceanarium Group
zoOceanarium Group specializes in developing and operating a new generation of aquarium and zoological facilities that emphasize excellent animal care and wellbeing and that create unique opportunities for people to appreciate and learn about animals through once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With more than 20 years of successes, zoOceanarium Group offers expertise from concept design through animal collection planning and facility operations and management. Its animal care specialists, designers, project managers and business managers are committed to the care for, and conservation of, wildlife globally. Learn more at zooceanarium.com.