Bee Still, Magination Press


February 01, 2019
12:00 AM


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Friday, February 1, 4pm

Join Dr. Frank Sileo (, licensed psychologist and founder/executive director of The Center for Psychological Enhancement, at Interabang Books as he reads his award-winning children’s books on meditation:

Bee Still – An Invitation to Meditation, winner of the National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA)
Bentley the bee lives in a busy, bustling hive. One day, when the other bees rush out to make honey, Bentley decides to meditate first. The other animals are curious about what Bentley is doing--so he teaches them how he uses meditation to focus, feel calm, and soothe difficult feelings.

And Bee Calm – The Buzz on Yoga
In this companion book to Bee Still, Bentley Bee loves to fly around and visit his friends in the garden. One day, he notices all of them in unusual poses. What could it bee? Bentley’s friends teach him several beginning yoga poses including Mountain, Chair, Airplane, Cobra, and more. Readers will love to follow Bentley and try the poses themselves as he gets buzzing all about yoga in this kid-friendly introduction. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers with suggestions for introducing children to yoga, and instructions for the poses in the story.

Research has indicated that meditation can assist with improving concentration and focus, calming anxiety, and reducing impulsivity. Just like adults, children can benefit from turning off electronic devices and being present to what is happening to them in the moment. Bee Still is a child-friendly introduction to meditation.

Free to attend. Books available for purchase.