Area 3 drive-thru immersive art experience

Installation by David Stout at Area 3


October 01, 2020 to January 01, 2021


DalPark Parking Garage View map
1600 Commerce St.,
Dallas, TX, 75201

Additional Information


AURORA's immersive exhibition Area 3 is a socially distanced drive-thru show that transforms over 100,000 square feet of a parking garage in downtown Dallas with large-scale light, video and sound installations as well as performances by 16 regional artists.

The proceeds of the ticket sales will be distributed according to a shared profit model in an effort to support local artists and vendors whose income has been affected in the wake of COVID-19. Visit to see the full list of participating artists.

Area 3 will be on view in the DalPark Parking Garage, across from Neiman Marcus in Downtown Dallas, until January 1. Exhibition takes place on the visitor side of the garage areas 3-5. Driving at the recommend 5 mph, the experience from start to finish will take 30–45 minutes, not including any waiting or line cueing.

Please note:
-Timed tickets must be purchased online before visiting.
-Please arrive within 15 minutes before your entry time. This will help with traffic flow throughout the garage.
-There can be no open seating in truck beds due to the low clearance of the garage (7 feet) and the placement of artwork.
-Please keep your vehicle lights off so that the only thing lighting your path is the artwork.
–Be prepared for different levels of decibels and the possibility for smoke/haze. (There is no strobe lighting.)
–Make sure you have enough gasoline in your motorized vehicle to get from the lobby, exhibit and exit safely.
–Email with any other questions.

October: Monday–Sunday (Currently) 7pm–1am
November: Monday–Sunday (Currently) 6pm–1am
December: Monday–Sunday (Currently) 6pm–1am