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Erika Westmoreland & Michelle Sedas

occupation: Both Erika and Michelle work for Walk The Talk, a management and leadership development company; the duo also founded Running Moms Rock

stats: The native Texans—and longtime friends—started running together after becoming moms (Erika is mom to Riley, 5; Emery, 4; and Grayson, 2. Michelle is mom to Diego, 6; and Isabella, 4). The pair quickly realized the importance of staying fit to keep up with their growing families. During a 10K race, these two mapped out their next project: starting a running group for other busy moms. Running Moms Rock (RMR) was born early last year and will host its first race in April benefiting Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County. The 5K event will be held at 5 p.m. Apr. 24 at The Shops of Highland Village (register online at www.runningmomsrock.com).

RMR’s mission: (EW) “We hope to inspire moms to live passionately and fearlessly while improving themselves, their families and their communities.”

how you maintain fitness and a busy schedule: (MS) “As a mom, it’s easy to get frazzled. But I’ve learned that when I make time for physical activity, I feel more at peace.” (EW) “… I’m also a member of a great gym with a wonderful childcare facility. This is so helpful when exercising at home isn’t an option.”

most fulfilling aspect of RMR: (MS) “Being a mom is such a rewarding, yet difficult, job. Learning how to appropriately deal with the stresses of parenthood can make such a big difference. I find it so fulfilling to know that RMR encourages other moms to make exercise an important part of their lives, which, in turn, can allow them to be more inspired parents.”

driving force behind running: (EW) “To be honest, I don’t love to run, but I love the way running makes me feel. Sometimes it’s very hard to get motivated. I’ve learned that if I just strap on my shoes and put on a hat and tell myself, ‘You need to run today,’ it helps. I have to [get out the door] fast or I’ll [end up] sitting on the couch. I feel amazing after a run—it is well worth it!”  

kids’ view of your fitness: (MS) “They love that I run and they love to hear stories about RMR. One of my favorite things to hear is my kids chanting “Go, Mommy, Go!” how other moms can get started: (EW) “Start slow and set some goals. Don’t commit to a marathon before you run a 5K or a 10K. Start off with a mile or two and listen to your body. You will get stronger each day!”