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juan gris dallas museum of art

Spring Break With the Dallas Museum of Art

Weekly art activities from the Dallas Museum of Art your kids will love.


Come see what’s taking shape at the DMA this Spring Break with a fun-filled week of in-person and virtual activities inspired by the new exhibition Cubism in Color: The Still Lifes of Juan Gris.  

juan gris dallas museum of art

Juan Gris is considered one of the four pillars of Cubism alongside Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Fernand Léger. Yet of these 20th-century titans, Gris is arguably the least well known despite his innovative contributions to the movement. This is particularly true in the U.S., where it’s been nearly 40 years since the last solo presentation of his work. 

Driven by his tireless exploration of color, line, and form, Gris developed a unique approach to Cubism through his favorite still-life genre. Although his style was always evolving, what remained constant was his devotion to rendering identifiable objects, as well as his penchant for bold patterns, complex geometries, and vibrant hues. Deeply accomplished yet greatly under-appreciated, Gris left behind a rich artistic legacy that we’re excited to share with you, our DMA community. 

You and your family can enjoy FREE activities held daily March 15, 2021, both in person at the museum and online. Pick up a free art kit at the Museum, try a virtual scavenger hunt, play with shapes in a free coloring and activity book, create art alongside our staff through daily DIY videos, and more! 

Discover all the cubism-inspired Spring Break fun: https://dma.org/spring-break-week-2021  


Calling all teen artists!

The DMA’s Teen Advisory Council seeks submissions from Dallas-area artists between the ages of 13 and 19 for its third annual Teen Renaissance, an exhibition by teens, for teens! Selected artists will have their masterpieces go on display at the DMA. Entries due Wednesday, March 17.

This year’s theme is centered on the idea of freedom. In the wake of these unprecedented times, we’ve all experienced some sort of solitude, be it social distancing or quarantining in the confines of your bedroom. With all this at play, we encourage the creative youth in our community to investigate how the past few months affected you or your community’s sense of freedom. Who is free? Why do you consider them free? How would you portray your idea of freedom?

Sometimes creating works of art based on a big idea or theme can be intimidating, because one big idea can often remind us of so many smaller ideas and little things. Use this exercise to narrow down all of your ideas and associations to a single subject, and build a foundation for stand-alone work of art. This exercise is perfect for any art contest, or any time you are struggling to feel artistic and creative.

Step One | Organize your page 
Fold a piece of paper in half or use a 2-page spread in a journal or sketchbook. On the left side of the page, make a numbered list down the page, 1-10. This will be your brainstorming page. On the right side of the page, draw a giant X from corner to corner. This will be your reflection page.

Step Two | Go wild 
Set a timer for 3 minutes. In those three minutes, make a list of 10 things that you associate with a theme or big idea. It could be feelings, experiences, places, people, or things: any combination of ten smaller ideas will do. After your three minutes is up, take a look at the list you’ve made. Choose one of the things you wrote—something that you find most interesting that you’d like to explore more—and circle it.

Step Three | Dig deeper  
On the right side of the page, use the four quadrants to explore your chosen idea in depth. Spend 5 minutes in each section:

  • Top Quadrant: Free write about that idea from your own point of view. For example, if it is an emotion you’re describing, how do you feel that emotion in your body? Is there a place in the world that you feel that emotion or associate that emotion with?   
  • Right Quadrant: Draw what you just wrote about, including yourself in your illustration. What are you doing? Where are you? What symbols are you surrounded by?  
  • Bottom Quadrant: Free write about your idea, this time from another person’s point of view. Would someone else think about or experience your idea differently? Imagine the possibilities in your writing.  
  • Left Quadrant: Draw what you just wrote about, imagining that you’re drawing from the perspective of another person or someone observing you. What sort of things would they observe from their point of view? 

Step Four | Reflect 
Sit back and take time to reflect on the page you created. What did you learn about your idea through the exercise? Is there anything you created during your brainstorm you can use to create a more polished work of art?

Adapted from Lynda Barry’s Making Comics.


DMA Family Art Project
How to Make a Family Portrait Collage
Create your own family portraits out of decorative paper and foam stickers in this step-by-step art-making activity inspired by Romare Bearden’s The Family. Go hands-on and play with texture and color, plus think creatively about what family means to you with guided questions at the end.

Family Art Project DMA


How to Use Your Home to Inspire Imagination and Creativity

Our homes have taken on new significance in this past year. We got to know our rooms, our furniture, and certainly our families and roommates. We might be noticing the dust more on the floors, or the cracks in the ceiling. Is there a chair you prefer to sit in for comfort? A window you often find yourself daydreaming out of? Is there a favorite sweatshirt or blanket you reach for when you feel a draft? 

Dallas Museum of Art

For a Dreamer of Houses was organized before we had any idea how much time we would all be spending in our homes. The concept for the show was inspired by recent art acquisitions at the Dallas Museum of Art that brought to the fore just how wonderful the home is—not just as a well-known and beloved domestic space, but as a place of fantasy—and a perfect place to inspire imagination and creativity 

Take a visit to the DMA to see a For a Dreamer of Housesonline, in a virtual tour, or in person at the museum 

Dallas Museum of Art

Create a Shape Poem

Find an artwork in the exhibition that speaks to you, or observe a scene in your own home, and build a “shape poem” around the thoughts and feelings that come to mind. 

Dallas Museum of Art

Family Portrait Collage

Create your own family portraits out of decorative paper and foam stickers in this step-by-step art-making activity inspired by Romare Bearden’s The Family. Go hands-on and play with texture and color, plus think creatively about what family means to you with guided questions at the end. 


Dallas Museum of Art

Jot your thoughts!

Robert Pruitt’s me and this mic is like yin and yang is an homage to anyone who has performed karaoke using a household object. Many everyday objects and furniture around your house hold fond memories of your experiences with them. Perhaps it was a blanket fort you once made, or a desk you used to play hide-and-seek under, or a beloved couch that you’ve had countless conversations on. Take a moment to reminisce about a household object, what it means to you, and what it makes you remember.  

Exploring this exhibition and reflecting on your home is a great reminder: the inspiration to be creative is all around you!  


Our 11 Favorite Activities at DMA’s Virtual Family Festival

Celebrate the power of creativity and all the ways we make in this fun-filled week of free virtual and in-person activities for the entire family with the Dallas Museum of Art! This week is designed for kids to learn through play, and the blended learning model means kids can participate virtually and get off screen while inspiring creativityexercising empathy, and exploring all the ways we make! Come for fun at the Museum this Saturday and Sunday or enjoy from the comfort of your couch all week long. 

Dallas Museum of Art 

Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7, noon–4pm. 

Open Studio Art Kit Pick-Up 
Drop by the Museum to pick up a free art kit of supplies and instructions to complete an art project at home. On February 6, get to know local artist Carlos Donjuan! 

My|gration Activity Book for Families
Pick up a free activity and coloring book inspired by the Museum’s collection. 

Scavenger Hunt
Kick off Black History Month with a scavenger hunt that highlights the diverse experiences, expertise, and talents of artists from America, Africa, and the diaspora. 

Dallas Museum of Art

Tea Demonstration with Break Bread, Break Borders
Join the Community Cooks from Break Bread, Break Borders, an organization connected through food, culture, and powerful storytelling, for a trip down culinary lane. Follow along for a step-by-step demonstration of a family recipe for cardamom tea.
Watch Video

Stories Alive! with Toni Simmons
Celebrate the many cultures of America with master storyteller Toni Simmons. Enjoy a folktale, song, and rhythms, and become a part of the performance as Toni weaves her storytelling magic!
Watch Video

Dallas Black Dance Theater
Watch as the talented performers from the Dallas Black Dance Theater take us on a journey through movements inspired by artworks in the DMA’s collection.
Watch Video

Virtual Storytime for Toddlers
Tune in to make artful connections with your toddler through stories and songs by DMA Education staff. Storytime will be available in Spanish and English!
Watch Video / English
Watch Video / Spanish

V.I.K. Virtual Tour
Take a V.I.K. (Very Important Kid) virtual tour of the My|grationexhibit and explore how art, people, and ideas move around the world. Learn more about artworks through videos, activities, and special one-line stories collected by upcoming C3 Visiting Artist Nida Bangash.

Dallas Museum of Art

Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Kick off Black History Month with a virtual scavenger hunt that highlights the diverse experiences, expertise, and talents of artists from America, Africa, and the diaspora. Click on the HOME icon to begin your tour!
Begin Virtual Tour

Dallas Museum of Art

DMA Kids Virtual Escape Room: Escape the Conservation Studio
Do you have what it takes to make an escape? Solve puzzles, play matching games, decode a message and more in this exclusive DMA kids’ virtual escape room. Search for the PADLOCK icon to begin the game.
Begin Game

My|gration Activity Book for Families
Download a free activity and coloring book inspired by the Museum’s collection. 

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