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Welcome to WalkEZ TalkEZ located in Frisco, Texas. We provide speech, language, feeding, myofunctional and social skills therapy to clients in the areas of apraxia of speech, articulation, oromotor, sensory aversion, picky eaters, problem feeders, reading comprehension and fluency, and social communication for individuals throughout the lifespan.

We provide a comprehensive evaluation specific to the nursing mother-child dyad and problem or picky feeders as we are well versed in motor function to work through everyday struggles at the table in a manner that encourages food exploration. We take great care to address language evaluations in a holistic manner as we embrace the PROMPT philosopy while including sensory integration to help with regulation strategies. We strive to address individuals holistically in therapy as a means of helping the client continue to be ready for new learning. You will see progress as your loved one begins to organize information, store it in memory and finally share that experience with peers and family members in a social environment.

We collaborate with other therapeutic professionals such as occupational, physical and ABA providers to aid in generalization and support across environments. We also work with dentists, ENTs, and orthodontists for structural issues regarding airway and orofacial myofunctional anomalies such as malocclusions due to inappropriate tongue position, cleft lip and palate, tongue tie, lip tie and buccal ties in addition to eliminating habits such as thumb sucking, tongue sucking, and nail biting.

We believe that learning should be fun where success becomes intrinsically rewarding as communicative attempts performed by the individual are granted as their requests become understood building confidence along the way. Preschool to adolescents and adults, we work toward independence by providing life skills training so that your loved one leads a fulfilling life. Please contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you.