Trinity Valley School
At a Glance
7500 Dutch Branch Road, Fort Worth, TX 76132, USA

Understanding that there is more than just one type of learner, at TVS we combine traditional practices with progressive approaches to create a “blend of excellence” in learning. The school recognizes many types of intelligence: existential, logical, and kinesthetic among them. A TVS education does not limit its focus to just one or two, neglecting the others. Each wondrous, distinctive mind is valued and respected at Trinity Valley School. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation to become inventors, artists, authors, physicians, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs– innovative leaders of all kinds and contributing members of society. Remarkable educators at TVS guide students through a curriculum that encourages expansive thought and a love of learning. Personal growth is equally important. Our unique Global Initiatives Program offers students opportunities to interact and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and with differing opinions. Outdoor experiential education provides arenas for exploration, appreciation of the natural world, and overcoming adversity through skilled decision making. Visit us for an admission event or a personal tour. We look forward to sharing TVS with you.