The Clariden School, 100 Clariden Ranch Rd, Southlake, TX 76092, United States

Additional information

The Clariden School is a fully accredited, award-winning project-based learning environment, servicing students 3 years of age through high school. Clariden’s curriculum is a rich blend of traditional styles of learning and project based learning. Clariden students participate in all the traditional classes such as Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts and also learn through a variety of projects, which we refer to as project work. Projects depict real life situations. Through project work students learn to create, problem solve, design, research, build, present their findings and collaborate. At Clariden, even our youngest of students participate in project work and learn the many skills that project based learning affords.

Students participate in projects that encompass Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (Design) and Mathematics (STEAM). Clariden students have won countless competitions including but not limited to: Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) - National Finalists, VEX robotics – State, Odyssey of the Mind- State winner and World finalists, regional semi-finalists in the Cowtown Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) competition, Winner of the United States Super STEM competition in the wind turbine, biomimicry and tiny house divisions.

Students not only work on projects that are STEAM oriented, they also work on projects that encompass English, History, and Government. Projects such as the Bias Project and the Great War Project allow students to explore historical events and determine solutions to complex societal issues. Students also participate in a wide variety of electives as well as foreign language, technology, STEM, philosophy, yearbook and art/design.

For our youngest students, they take on projects that teach them about a particular topic, animal, location, person, or class interest. Students learn about the life cycle through such projects as the chicken project where students watch the hatching of chickens and learn about varies species of chickens, study the life cycle of chickens and learn about their habitat. Another popular project is the bee project where students learn all about bees and their significance to our ecosystem.

Students at Clariden are encouraged to participate in a variety of leadership roles. Student voice is encouraged at Clariden with various systems in place to allow students to express their ideas and present their learning outcomes. Students have the opportunity to participate in Student Council, National Honor Society and a variety of afterschool programs, including athletics.

Clariden is a fully accredited learning environment focused on rigorous academics and in-depth projects that promote inquiry, curiosity, problem solving and collaboration. Clariden students are strong academically and through their education at Clariden know how to work toward solutions in meaningful and respectful ways.