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About The Behavior Exchange:

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped children of all ages and abilities achieve meaningful change in their lives and in the lives of their families through ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy.

Everything we do is based on ABA therapy. ABA is a proven, scientific approach in which interventions based on the principles of learning and motivation are used to significantly improve behaviors, such as compliance, instruction following, reading, language, sibling relationships, age-appropriate play, and social, motor and self-help skills.

The caring approach of our highly trained staff is what sets The Behavior Exchange apart. We combine personalized ABA therapy with colorful, engaging learning centers and a fun curriculum we’ve designed and honed throughout the years. Our newest location in Frisco sets the standard in DFW with its creative design that fully immerses children in discovery and the joy of learning.

Most children who come to The Behavior Exchange start in our One-on-One Therapy program. However, an initial assessment helps us determine which program is best for each child. Once we pinpoint specific areas for improvement, we create an individual treatment plan that outlines goals and measures daily progress.

Our programs are designed for children at all levels of ability. We even have a program for parents and consult with local schools. Here’s a quick look at the programs available at The Behavior Exchange:

To help families enjoy all the benefits of ABA therapy and our programs, The Behavior Exchange is an innetwork provider with most insurance companies. We work with families on a case-by-case basis to help them understand the insurance process and advocate on their behalf when coverage is questioned. We also file claims directly to insurance companies to save our families time and worry.

For more information, we hope you’ll visit us online at behaviorexchange.com. Or to schedule a free consultation, please call 972.312.8733 or email intake@behaviorexchange.com.

We’re here to help. What could be can be at The Behavior Exchange.

ABA therapy makes happy campers out of everyone. Summer Camp at The Behavior Exchange.

Summer Camp at The Behavior Exchange combines ABA therapy services with a fun curriculum of activities to bring about measurable improvements in the behavior of children with autism. We collect and analyze extensive data from each therapy session, so we can ensure every child is making progress on their goals. Once you see the results, you can’t help but be happy.

We’re currently enrolling children in our popular summer camp programs. To reserve your spot, call or visit us online today.

  • Behavior Exchange Early Start (B.E.E.S.) The B.E.E.S. program focuses on the foundational academic and social skills necessary for children to make a smooth transition to school and reach their full potential. It’s structured like a pre-school or kindergarten, with a unique theme-based curriculum that promotes learning and making connections with other students. Children learn about taking turns, following group routines, sharing, playing games, and communicating with one another. We also help them build foundational academic skills, such as learning about colors, shapes, numbers, letters, weather, the calendar and seasons, clothing, rhyming, and more. As a B.E.E.S. graduate, your child will have the tools to successfully complete school activities and interact with peers.
  • One-on-One Therapy One-on-one therapy is designed for children who lack the necessary compliance and cooperation skills to participate in our B.E.E.S program and Social Skills Groups. The focus can range from basic skills, like responding to their name or speaking their first sounds, to more advanced areas, such as building fluency in reading, writing, and math. Most often, One-on-One therapy focuses on communication and language skills, visual performance and working memory, early learning and academic skills, instruction following, sibling relationships, age-appropriate play, motor and self-help skills, and interacting with peers to develop social skills.
  • Social Skills Groups Our Social Skills Groups are designed for older, school-aged children. They’re fun, engaging group sessions that address children’s social needs and put them on a path to making fulfilling connections. The unique curriculum involves active teaching of social skills, combined with age-appropriate activities that help children build skills through the natural course of cooperating and interacting with others. We group children who are developmentally appropriate for each other based on age, strengths, interest, and scheduling factors. The goal is to maximize social opportunities for children that will also build their confidence. Science, art, music, academic enrichment, technology, and gaming activities are all used to motivate and engage students.