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It is our passion to celebrate and nurture the creative talents of our community. At Texas Center for Arts + Academics, we strive to make the arts accessible to all. Through community partnerships with other local non-profits, schools, arts organizations, and businesses, we provide resources that bring children from all backgrounds opportunities to experience and engage in the visual and performing arts. It is our hope to encourage more creative thinking and an appreciation of the arts to help ensure a self-sustaining arts culture.

At Texas Center for Arts + Academics, we are focused on youth development through an arts-based academic worldview. In 1946, The Texas Boys Choir was founded. Thanks to its talent and choral excellence the organization was able to open a school, allowing the boys more opportunities to perform around the world. In 2001, the first students enrolled at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, a 3-12 grade public charter school designed to foster the artistic talents of 3-12 graders while they pursue academic achievements. Later in 2007, Texas School of the Arts was founded, offering an opportunity for K-6th graders to develop their artistic and academic talents.

In 2015, Texas Boys Choir, Inc. rebranded to become Texas Center for Arts + Academics to better represent the various ways we were supporting artistic excellence and academic success within our students. TCAA oversees the only fine-arts-focused charter schools in Fort worth which offer students daily access to high-quality, fine arts instruction woven into rigorous academic curriculum. In addition, we manage Texas Arts Conservatory, Texas Dance Conservatory, Texas Music Conservatory, and various summer programs that make the arts accessible to all year round.

Through diligent research, planning and resourcefulness, Texas Center for Arts + Academics is able supplement the funds our schools receive from the State of Texas with money dedicated to our student experience and success. Donations and fundraising efforts provide resources and supplies for our theater, visual art, dance and choral communities despite the growing challenges of limited arts funding.