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StemCyte is the leader in cord blood and tissue preservation and saving lives is our mission!

For more than 23 years, we have helped parents protect and preserve their baby's precious stem cells. StemCyte has gone the distance to consistently implement the highest quality standards upon which parents can trust and rely. For years StemCyte has been approved and trusted by the world's leading cord blood associations and accrediting bodies. As a matter of fact, StemCyte is one of the only cord blood companies to obtain State and Federal grants to collect cord blood for public use! For parents, this means that the highest quality standards are consistently met.

Did you know that your baby's cord blood stem cells have been approved by the FDA to treat 80+ health conditions and diseases such as leukemias, lymphomas, and immune disorders?

The newborn cord blood stem cells have been used to positively change and save lives for more than 32 years! It is also important to know that your baby's cord blood stem cells can treat biological siblings, parents, and even grandparents! Cord blood preservation is safe and painless for both mom and baby. StemCyte makes cord blood banking easy and affordable. There are many plans and payment options available.

What differentiates StemCyte from all other cord blood banking companies in the world is its comprehensive StemCyte Care service. With this affordable and valuable protection, your family will receive unparalleled support and access to a global inventory of publicly-donated cord blood units when needed.