June Shelton School and Evaluation Center, Hillcrest Road, Dallas, TX, USA

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Summer The Shelton Way
June 24–July 19There’s something for everyone! Shelton’s unique multisensory and discovery learning methods are perfect for students with and without a language-learning difference. And did we mention fun?

Academic and Enrichment Classes EC–12

• Drama
• Fitness
• Technology
• Science
• Reading
Scholars Small Group Tutoring in Reading / Writing / Spelling
Upper School Credit Classes
Sports Camps for girls and boys
Speech / Language / Hearing Program


Shelton School and Evaluation Center is dedicated to making a difference by serving and empowering the lives of students who learn differently … Engage, Enrich, Empower.


Academic classes; for-credit classes; enrichment classes; sports camps; tutoring in reading, writing and spelling; speech program; EC – Grade 12; for intelligent students with or without a language-learning difference