River Legacy Foundation
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River Legacy Parks, NW Green Oaks Blvd, Arlington, TX, USA

A Natural Place to Learn, Play & Grow – River Legacy Living Science Center!


Discovery, exploration and inspiration await families and students at River Legacy Living Science Center, a nature center in the heart of the DFW Metroplex located next to the 1,300-acre River Legacy Park in Arlington.


A new Discovery Room features interactive exhibits and technology that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the plants, animals and environments of River Legacy Park before venturing out the doors to explore the park’s trails, woodlands and playgrounds.


River Legacy Living Science Center at 703 NW Green Oaks Blvd. in Arlington is open 9 am to 5 pm Mondays through Saturdays. The Center’s atrium with its activity tables, exploration stations and terrariums and the surrounding nature trails are free to enjoy. Discovery Room admission costs $3 for children (3 to 12); $5 for adults (13 to 59); and $4 for seniors (60 and up). The Science Center also offers FREE family programs on Saturdays ranging from Animal Explorations, Nature Walks, Family Conservation Days, and Adult Workshops. Free Family Festivals are also offered throughout the year and include Great Backyard Bird Count in February, Earth Day in April and an upcoming W.A.T.E.R. Festival on September 8. Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events at www.riverlegacy.org.


A variety of educational programs provide students ages “3 to 93” with an opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the North Texas riparian woodland ecosystem in which they live, work and play.


Families, students, and preschoolers in our programs discover that an understanding of nature breeds an appreciation for it. Learning the names and characteristics of the plants and animals in River Legacy Park and in their own backyards encourages them to take the time to notice the beauty of the box turtle along the path or the snake slithering across a log. They know that by leaving them undisturbed, they are taking an active role in allowing nature to prosper.


More than 14,000 school students a year visit the Science Center for hands-on lessons that go beyond the classroom and into authentic woodlands investigations. More than 50,000 yearly visitors to the Science Center experience first-hand explorations in nature through engaging, hands-on public programs, exhibits, workshops and events. River Legacy Living Science Center is grooming the next generation of environmental stewards through these fun and exciting nature connections.


The Nature Center now features the amazing, interactive Discovery Room as well as aquariums and terrariums with native wildlife, learning labs, nature trails, pond overlooks, a gift shop, and a variety of public programs and classes where:



  • Preschoolers observe classroom lessons come to life when they explore the natural world through nature walks, art, dramatic play, songs and stories during Nature School.
  • Students ages 3 years to 8th grade engage in hands-on learning lessons about wildlife, science and the environment in weeklong Summer Classes in June & July.
  • Home School students enhance their science studies by investigating the specimens and collections of River Legacy Living Science Center and River Legacy Park for indoor and outdoor lessons.
  • Students in grades K-6th study the plants, animals and habitats of River Legacy Park in fun and engaging monthly After-School Clubs.
  • Boy and Girl Scout troops can earn a variety of badges through exciting hands-on individual troop lessons or at an annual Scout Badge Day in December.
  • Free Saturday events and festivals offer a deeper personal nature connection for children and families through animal explorations, story times, themed nature walks, unique crafts, games, activities and more!


By providing fun, interactive and life-shaping nature experiences at River Legacy, we are laying the foundations of lifelong stewardship. As environmentalist Baba Dioum said so many years ago: “We conserve what we love; we love what we understand; we understand what we are taught.” That is exactly the philosophy that guides all of our exhibits, displays and educational programming at River Legacy Living Science Center.


We hope you will be inspired by nature and its peaceful effects with a visit to River Legacy Living Science Center and the NEW Discovery Room.