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1932 N Story Rd, Irving, TX 75061, USA

Additional information

Dr. Memon is a board certified Pediatric Dental Specialist. His hard work in earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree shines through in his professionalism and extensive knowledge.  He went on to earn a specialty certificate in Advanced Pediatric Dentistry and a Masters of Dental Science degree because of his love for children, and his unique ability to connect with them through jokes, games, and TV shows. Dr. Memon has also published research in the Journal of Molecular Autism and the Journal of Stem Cell Research. 

Pacific Hearts Dentistry means practicing dentistry from the heart—with care, compassion, and good intentions. At Pacific Hearts Dentistry, parents are always allowed to stay with their children during exams and treatment. Dr. Memon ensures that children are happy and comfortable, and that parents are involved in their child’s dental care.