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In today’s world of technology, DJs and producers are the new rockstars. OontzKids DJ Academy offers camps, workshops, after school classes, and private lessons for kids aged 8+ and adults too!

In our DJ Level One series, learn what a DJ does and why it’s so important through hands-on experience with real hardware (Pioneer DJ Controllers) and software (Rekordbox DJ), students will learn the principles of beats, bars, tempos, phrasing, and beat matching. Using tools such as hot cues, EQ, and filters, students will learn how to seamlessly transition from one carefully selected track to the next, eventually preparing to perform a live set. ​

In DJ Level Two, dive deeper into advanced mixing techniques, music library management, set preparation, and techniques such as slicing, sampling, looping, and even live remixing with a capella tracks and instrumentals. Learn how to collaborate with other DJs and mix into and out of each other’s sets as you build your own music library and export it for use in real world performances.

Want to create and produce your own electronic music? In Music Performance and Production, If you’ve ever wanted to create your own beats, your own sounds, or your own style, or just record something of your own, this is the right class for you. In this class, we’ll learn the fundamentals on software-based virtual instruments. We’ll learn how to program and play these instruments, as well as how to record, save, modify, loop, sample, and build a unique live performance of your own customized tracks for an audience.
All equipment will be provided including computers, software, synth plugins, MIDI controllers, speakers, and headphones.

At OontzKids, we provide the hardware and software needed for while you are at camp and guide you in the right direction on where to get your own if you decide you want to have it at home. Like any other musical instrument, DJing requires practice, practice, practice!