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Ah, precious newborns. Stealing all of our kisses, all of our snuggles, and all of our sleep! Would you believe the sleepless nights could be over? Newborn Nightingales provides exceptional night nursing and supportive newborn to toddler sleep and schedule consultations to establish a healthy nighttime routine tailored to your family’s needs. Melissa O’Neill is the founder of Newborn Nightingales and a former labor and delivery and neonatal intensive care nurse who worked with newborns for over twelve years before starting the company in 2012. Melissa now has over thirty practitioners working with her to help families through babies’ challenging first weeks.

Operating across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and in Houston, clients include first-time parents as well as those who face the daytime demands of raising older children with a new baby in tow. Newborn Nightingales also serves those who have multiples, a preemie or a baby with special medical needs, and those with demanding careers not allowing for a long parental leave. More and more new parents are enlisting the support of professionals who have experience with newborns who can help families develop healthy sleep habits to navigate their new normal.

What exactly does a night nurse do? Having a newborn is both an exhilarating and an exhausting experience. Nights of broken sleep can lead to exhaustion and take the joy out of what parents have imagined to be a wonderful time in their lives. By letting a highly qualified night nurse care for your baby through the night, you can get a good night’s sleep and regain your energy. Having a night nurse improves recovery time, strengthens parental relationships, decreases risk for postpartum depression, and supports healthy breastfeeding. Our trained professionals help with nighttime routines, answer questions about baby care, and, for as many or as few nights needed, stay with the infant between feedings while parents get much-needed rest. These wonderful night nurses begin to introduce healthy sleep habits to your infant that will set a strong foundation for good sleepers. Standard hours for night nursing are 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., but we try to accommodate special requests.

Newborn Nightingales also offers in-home, phone, or email sleep consultation packages helping newborns to young toddlers. Through a sleep consultation, you will learn how to develop amazing sleep habits in your baby or toddler, receive personalized sleep schedules adapted to fit your whole family, acquire six months of unlimited email support, and much more.

Whether you choose to enlist a night nurse or engage in a sleep consultation, Newborn Nightingales places only the most qualified Registered Nurses/Nightingales with our clients. Melissa, aforementioned owner and CEO, works with all of our professionals to ensure they are continually updated with the most current infant education, ensuring the families we work with are given the highest standard of care.

Lastly, for family and friends of new parents, we also offer the Rest Registry so you can give the gift of rest. Newborn Nightingales is excited to offer DFW’s only registry helping parents get the much-needed sleep they deserve. With Newborn Nightingales’ Rest Registry™, friends and family can give the one thing ALL new parents need: REST! Registry recipients may use their donations toward any Newborn Nightingales’ sleep consultation or night nursing service.

The one thing new parents need is sleep, and the sleepless nights can be over with Newborn Nightingales. Please visit our website for further detail of all of our services.

Rest well!