3803 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA

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Margo Dean School of Ballet was established over sixty years ago and since then has been a vital part of Fort Worth's cultural life. Many dancers who started in this school have had, and are having, distinguished professional careers in major ballet companies including Ballet West, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Houston Ballet, Ballet de Marseilles in France, San Diego Ballet, Tulsa Ballet Theater, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Orlando Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, and Frankfurt Ballet in Germany.  Others have pursued careers on Broadway.

While this school is geared towards developing students for a professional career, it recognizes the need for excellent training in a congenial atmosphere where the love of dance is prevalent and students can enjoy dance without the pressure of striving for a professional career.  We are a formal school with a dress code and classroom discipline that also allows the student to find joy and pleasure in the movement of dance.  The intermediate and advanced levels realize that there is no short cut to ballet and that their accomplishment and advancement is the result of discipline and hard work.  Ballet is learned in the classroom and is a direct gift from one person to another.  The classroom should be a place where dancers can pursue the love of dance with assistance from teachers who provide knowledge and understanding. 

Pre-school ballet classes are offered for children beginning at three years of age. Movement and musical activities are informally a part of a child's environment from birth.  Research done in recent years substantiates the view of many dance and music educators that early rhythmic and melodic activities can affect a child's understanding and coordination in later years. In the pre-school classes, the children learn to move to different rhythms.  They also learn some basic ballet exercises and terminology such as demi-plié, tendu and port de bras.  They learn to follow directions and to love ballet.