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Every child and adult deserves to have the way they learn understood, supported, and accepted, whether in school, on the job, or in life. LinkED provides that understanding and support, along with advice, assistance, and most importantly, hope, for people of all ages who struggle to learn. An estimated 20% of our population is affected by learning differences and disabilities. The negative impact of learning problems is lifelong if they are not diagnosed, understood, and addressed. The issues that made school work so challenging as a child will affect an adult’s workplace, social situations, and family life. LinkED (formerly The Learning Center of North Texas) has helped more than 4,500 individuals in our community identify their barriers to learning and given them tools and strategies for learning success. For 20 years LinkED has provided comprehensive diagnostic educational testing for children ages 2 through adults to identify learning differences and disabilities, speech-language problems, auditory and visual processing disorders, non-verbal learning disabilities, autism, and attention problems that can impact a person’s capacity to learn. We also give strategies and recommendations to improve skills and chances of success. And we provide educational coaching to address identified needs as well as Highlands Ability Battery aptitude testing for college and career direction.