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Choosing a pediatrician is an important (and big!) decision, so Dr. Kevin Wylie wants you to know a little about him.

He and his wife have raised three wonderful sons (ex-preemies, all) to adulthood. Along the way, they made more than a few mistakes (which he is happy to help you avoid), but evidently did more right than wrong because they have all become fine men, loving brothers, and devoted and doting sons. His greatest hope as your doctor is to combine solid medical experience with personal and observational experience to help you raise happy and healthy kids that bring you lots and lots of joy.

Dr. Wylie attended medical school here in Fort Worth. He did his residency at UT Southwestern/Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Indiana University Medical School/Riley Children’s Hospital provided him with the opportunity to study pediatric cardiology before he went to St. Louis University Medical School/Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital for training in the, then, relatively new field of pediatric interventional cardiology.

Dr. Wylie began his medical career as a pediatric interventional cardiologist in Dallas, Texas. Subsequently, he joined one of his residency mates at Cook Children’s Medical Center as a hospitalist, caring for ill children requiring hospitalization—a decision he is very happy he made. The opportunity to practice top notch medicine, with brilliant people, in a terrific hospital, within a supportive and vibrant community, is the dream of any physician. Prior to moving to the primary care practice, Dr. Wylie served as Co-Director of the Cook Children’s Hospitalist Group. As a hospitalist, he learned how to care for ill children. He also learned that parents know their children best; that attentive listening will almost always get to the right answer; and that there is often more than one way to get to the right place.

As a pediatrician, he enjoys the bright eyes, broad and often toothless smiles, and quick quips of children. Moreover, he enjoys helping parents work through the confusing task of raising happy, healthy children. He also helps parents sort out the abundant and often conflicting advice presented in media, books, magazines, and by family members and friends.

Dr. Wylie’s free time is filled with family fun, and when he can, his hobbies. His wife, Marsha, frequently notes that there is little that does not interest him. And he enjoys sharing his interests with patients and parents so feel free to ask him about travel, reading, backpacking, cooking, wood working, motorcycle riding, sky diving, music, and gardening (maybe best to hold off on that one for a while, unless you have advice). Mostly though, he finds lasting joy and measureless energy in sharing some time with, and contributing just a little towards your child’s joyful childhood and ultimately fruitful adulthood.

Reader comments

He listens! My son has reflux and was diagnosed because he listened to me. My son was having blood in his urine not caused by a UTI and he kept working to get an answer: kidney stone in a 1 year old. He has great bedside manner, is very personable and never makes me feel like I’m bothering him when I have questions.

- Heather, Benbrook