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13140 Coit Road, Suite 215 Dallas TX 75240

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Reader comments

Jennifer a very competent therapist who collaborates well with others to create a treatment team approach. Her style is laid back and welcoming to her clients.

- Caroline, Richardson

Jennifer is an expert and has put thousands of hours into understanding addiction, the trauma behind addiction, not only for her clients but also her client’s families.

- Elizabeth, Dallas

Jennifer goes above and beyond to meet her clients’ needs. She is always kind and understanding, and she is accessible 24/7 in the event of emergencies. I always feel heard and supported after meeting with her.

- Lauren, Fenton, MO

She values her clients holistic care, has personal integrity, and is one of the best addiction professionals out there.

- Lindsey, Dallas

She’s awesome and very effective.

- Maggie, Cypress