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Methodist OB/GYN

Thank you for letting us be a part of your health. We are here to help you get better physically as well as emotionally. We know that being pregnant is especially a life-changing moment, and we are here for you during that time. If it is your first pregnancy or just a new pregnancy, it is always special for us. We love seeing the miracle of life happen every day. So if you are pregnant, seeking to become pregnant or done being pregnant and in another chapter of your life, we are here for you.

Reader comments

Dr. De Los Santos genuinely cares for his patients and listens,respects your decisions without question. He is not the kind of Dr who says oh youre over due lets do a c-section, he gives your body a chance to do it naturally. In his care i was able to have my dream birth of a natural unmedicated delivery.

- Jessica, Dallas

He is a very loving doctor, he takes the time to go trough whatever you need to.

- Mary, Irving

Dr. De Los Santos is an amazing obgyn. He’s been my doctor for both my pregnancies and on my first pregnancy he right away referred me to a specialist with out hesitation to make sure everything was great. My second pregnancy was complicated and he made it a breeze.

- Yasmin, Dallas

Dr. De Los Santos is very knowledgable and takes excellent care of all the patients. He and all his staff are very approachable.

- Anna, Colleyville