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German ISD was established in 2009.

The school focuses on the European teaching philosophy and approach. With a spotlight on each individual child and his/her unique ability to learn, German ISD's certified staff ensure this process by guiding their students' development and progress. Students are given the necessary time to use wonderful German education resources to integrate into their individual work - including group projects and lessons. Academic achievement goes hand in hand with each student's potential to socialize and to grow into a successful classmate.

The integration of Pre-K classes in 2014 was the first step towards German ISD's vision to grow into an Elementary school. Three years later, the school opened up the first Kindergarten class. The school continues the mission to proceed its growth as the only full-time Pre-S and Lower Elementary German school in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. German ISD's immersion program is the fastest and most efficient way to learn and/or maintain German language in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Besides the benefits to learn a foreign language, German ISD is the first choice purely for the challenging and engaging academic curriculum that motivates young students to excel in the most effective way. Besides academic success, German ISD offers plenty of opportunities to maintain German language, tradition, and culture. The school's main focus is on integrating cultural and language diversity - with an emphasis on each individual and each student's role in a culturally rich and globally focused world.

The CurriculumPLUS (Bayerischer Lehrplan Plus) combines the active acquisition of knowledge and competences. The educational mission of the primary school curriculum contains all subject profiles. With native-speaking German educators, the unique curriculum provides a range of benefits above and beyond traditional school programs. It entails academic concepts such as reading and writing, literacy, acquisition as well as mathematical skills, science, movement, artistic, and musical activities. The main goal is for all students to develop the essential skills to build the foundation for lifelong learning with positive social and emotional experiences. The program facilitates learning using young students' natural curiosity, imagination, and thinking skills. German ISD’s curriculum is designed for a child to achieve maximum growth as a successful student and happy learner.

Multi-age classrooms are composed of students from more than one grade level. At German ISD, we not only believe in the benefits to learn from, for, and with each other - we practice them daily! German ISD provides a learning environment deeply rooted in the central European culture and education system, and it also encourages the development of a global perspective and community building. From day one, students are exposed to German language and culture in a warm and supportive environment. The Pre-S and Pre-K school focuses on learning through child-directed play experiences. The motivated team of educators believe in the balance of play and preschool, which enhances growth and development of its children in all areas: physically, socially, emotionally, creatively and intellectually.

Outdoors, children bring their all-weather appropriate clothing and ride balance bikes, play in the sandbox, climb and swing, run around or kick the ball in our beautiful outside play area, our “Spielplatz”. German ISD is a place where essential skills are nurtured through play, investigation and of course, fun!