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If you think all education is equal, think again. In Garland ISD, we believe that choice determines destiny. With the freedom to choose your school and customize learning, no other district compares to GISD. We’re preparing students PreK-12 for college, careers and life. You want the best? Choose the best. #ChooseGarlandISD We’re always enrolling!

About Us

The Garland Independent School District exists as a diverse community with a shared vision that serves to provide an exceptional education to all of its students. With a robust tradition of excellence dating back more than 100 years, GISD spans the cities of Garland, Rowlett and Sachse. It ranks as the second-largest district in Dallas County, fifth-largest in Dallas-Fort Worth and 15th-largest in Texas with more than 56,000 students, 7,500 staff members and 72 campuses.

Choice of School

GISD is the only option for true choice when it comes to public schools. Instead of worrying about attendance zones, our families have the opportunity to customize their educational experience with a unique Choice of School program that allows students to attend any campus in the district—whether it’s down the street or across town. Specialized curriculum options engage students in active, hands-on learning, from building catapults to studying stars in a portable planetarium. They also encourage students to explore potential passions for everything from piano and business to criminal justice and television production. Because we believe that all children are entitled to educational opportunities that meet their individual learning needs, we provide comprehensive special education services for students from birth through age 21 as well.

With a fleet of over 300 buses committed to providing safe, efficient transportation for all eligible students, GISD’s Transportation Department supports hundreds of routes every day offering courteous, dependable and professional service. This ensures that the district’s true school choice is not just limited to those families who can provide their own transportation to and from school.

Advanced Academics

Our district boasts some of the top campuses in the area, state and nation. We also hold a higher graduation rate than the area, state and nation, and our students and staff are regularly recognized for outstanding academic performance and prestigious distinctions. Employing highly qualified and certified teachers, campus staff in GISD have an average of 11 years of experience. Thirty percent also hold master’s degrees or doctorates.

Arts and Extracurriculars

The district provides visual and performing arts, athletics and other extracurricular activities at all grade levels so that students can develop their talents, explore their passions and build self-esteem and discipline. From choir to cheerleading, drama to drawing, strings to soccer, and everything in between, there’s truly something for everyone.

College and Careers

As a district, we are committed to ensuring that all Garland ISD students graduate with college credit in addition to their high school diplomas. With that in mind, our Board of Trustees has approved a College for All focus which includes steps to help every student earn at least six, with a goal of twelve hours of college credit before they leave GISD.

Currently, GISD gives students the opportunity to accrue college credit through dual-credit, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate courses. Lakeview Centennial High School’s Collegiate Academy also allows students to graduate with both an associate degree (up to 60 credit hours) and a high school diploma.

The district’s College for All focus will provide additional pathways for college, career and military readiness leading up to offering early college or Collegiate Academy programs at all seven GISD high schools. Each one will feature an area of specialization tied to a career pathway that is aligned with workforce trends in this region.

As students prepare for college and careers, they can also find their fit from among more than 200 professional training options. Our state-of-the-art Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center allows high schoolers to progress to advanced level courses taught by industry experts and to earn certifications in multiple career paths including firefighting, pharmacy and cybersecurity. Other features include a working bistro for culinary students, a dentistry lab, a veterinary space for treating animals of all types and a logistics room with a real-world stock market ticker. Transforming teaching and learning for the 21st century, GISD provides a personal laptop for every high school student, a laptop during the school day for every middle school student, and technology available in classrooms for all elementary students. We also offer free PSAT, SAT and AP tests for all secondary students.

Safety and Security

Student and staff safety and security is the top priority for Garland ISD. Through our 2014 Bond Program, we recently upgraded security features, spending $36 million to add cameras, special door locks and intrusion alarms, as well as upgrade phone and PA systems and construct secure campus entryways. We work closely with local first responders, including having School Resource Officers from the Garland, Rowlett and Sachse police departments at all campuses. Another element of safety includes a strong guidance and counseling program, which brings students, parents and the community together to achieve social, emotional and academic well-being.

Family and Community Engagement

We also engage our families and communities to support the mission and goals of the district though our Family and Community Engagement program. It offers parenting workshops, early literacy strategies, a volunteer program, online newsletters and classes to learn English in the evening all free of charge.

To learn more about what Garland ISD has to offer, go to www.garlandisd.net. We’re bigger than Texas. We’re #GarlandUSA. We look forward to serving you!

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