7301 Dutch Branch Rd, Fort Worth, Texas 76132, United States

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Founded in 1982, Fort Worth Academy is a learning environment that is committed to small class sizes and individualized instruction. Through our E.L.I. initiative, we cultivate leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation across all grade levels. While the school is unique in many ways, perhaps its most distinguishing characteristic is that it is the only K-8 private school in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Academy is K-8 on purpose and by design and is proud to provide an environment where all students learn through exploration, perseverance and, ultimately, success. All classes at all grade levels are capped 15 students, and our middle school experience is unlike that of any other school. Our unique environment perfectly positions students aged 10-14 with problem-solving skills, individual confidence, and leadership capacity, while the middle school experience at any other school is a time of vulnerability and lack of confidence.

The success of our graduates speaks for itself. Nearly all--99%--attend their family’s first choice for high school.