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Center for Social Success
8x Mom-Approved

Thank you to all our clients for their vote of confidence for eight straight years! We strive to provide individual therapy and social skills groups that are focused and effective. And our therapy pups provide the fun! Come see us today to decrease stress, improve parent and sibling relations, manage ADHD, anger, anxiety, depression and more. We see children and adults of all ages.

Reader comments

I heard about Erin from a friend who had taken her son to her. My son has ADHD, migraines, and anxiety and was struggling with his social skills and interactions with other kids. He couldn’t seem to keep friends and was frequently left out and not invited to birthday parties and play dates. He started in a social skills group with Erin and we have seen a tremendous amount of change and growth in his interactions with others! Erin also helped us to find better ways of disciplining him! Grateful!

- Michelle, Dallas

My daughter sees Erin in a social skills group because she was being bullied/ excluded by other girls at school. Erin has helped her to stand up for herself, gain confidence and improve her self esteem. She also worked with the school to come up with a plan to help stop and prevent any further bullying. I highly recommend Erin!

- Elaine, Plano

“Very kid friendly! Erin helps parents during difficult times giving guidance and feedback. She guides parents through the steps to best help your child be successful socially, emotionally and academically. She builds relationships with your child and helps them navigate their emotions in a positive way, teaching them how to have positive reactions to big feelings.”

- Korie, Plano

“We came to see Erin for both my son and daughter. My son has adhd and my daughter has anxiety. Erin helped my my daughter greatly reduce her anxiety. My son is in Erin’s social skills group, or boy’s club, which he thoroughly enjoys. His social interactions have also greatly improved and he is making more friends and interacting more appropriately. Very happy with my kids improvements.”

- Elaine, Plano

“I brought my son to Erin’s social skills group because he was diagnosed with adhd and had trouble making friends and was bullied at school. Erin helped him tremendously by giving him skills to navigate his difficult social world and stand up for himself, boosting his confidence. I am so happy with our progress that tell everyone about our success and great experience!”

- Kay, Dallas

We were refered to Erin by a friend who had also taken her kid to her. My daughter was very hesitant to go to a counselor but immediately loved Erin’s office because they had puppy therapy. She begs to go now and we have been so happy with the progress she has made. I would highly recommend her!

- Elaine, Dallas

Erin helped my son who was struggling with adhd, friendship issues, and getting into trouble at school. She worked with my husband and I on parenting strategies and my son was in her social skills group. Would highly recommend her!

- Kayla R., Dallas

Flexible hours, friendly staff, helpful techniques

- Kayla L., Dallas

Ms. Erin really connects with the kids making it easier for them to open up and feel comfortable. She is also great at answering questions parents may have a long the journey.

- Marnie, Mckinney