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Reader comments

Erica is a very talented therapist and it has been amazing to watch how my daughter has grown while working with her. My daughter loves going to see Erica for play therapy and her play therapy room is amazing! Erica helped my daughter find her voice again and my husband and I are very grateful to have found Erica.

- Sarah, Dallas

Erica is a wonderful person and therapist. She loves what she does and her work shows it. Erica’s parent coaching has been invaluable. We went from a hectic and chaotic home to one where we actually enjoy each other again. I have one child and one teen with special needs and Erica is very knowledgeable about Autism and developmental disabilities. Without reservation I highly recommend Erica.

- Jennifer, Dallas

Erica is a highly knowledgeable and talented therapist. She has away of connecting with people that puts them at ease. Through working with Erica my daughter’s mood has improved and she has found ways to successfully cope with her anxiety. Erica has also helped guide my husband and I in ways to support our daughter. We are forever thankful for making that first call to Erica.

- Kelly, Dallas

Erica is an absolute joy to work with. She came strongly recommended from several parents of children with special needs. My son was recently diagnosed with autism and Erica has been very supportive in the process. The best part of my sons week is his counseling sessions with Erica.

- Rachel, Dallas