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I have wanted to be a doctor since I was a little girl and was treated for hyperthyroidism at Texas Children's Hospital. I really loved getting to pick out something from the gift shop with each visit and was in awe of my pediatric endocrinologist who seemed to know everything and made my visits fun. I had a brief time of wanting to be an astronaut after visiting The Space Center (doesn't everyone), but decided I didn't even like to fly in airplanes and so returned to my plans of being a doctor. All these years later I still can't imagine myself doing anything else!

I grew up in Livingston Texas. I was definitely a "band nerd" in high school and even became the drum major. I come from a family of cattle ranchers and love living in a small town.

I went to Baylor University for my undergraduate degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in University Scholars. During undergrad I had the privilege of participating in a medical study abroad trip to the Netherlands. We studied the history of medicine and even got to visit the first medical school in Italy. Backpacking for a month through Europe was one of the most formative experiences of my life. You haven't really lived until you've missed a train and spent the night in the snow on a bench at a train station in a country where you can't speak the language.

At a dinner after returning from our trip, our sponsoring physician predicted which field he thought each student would pursue. He predicted I would be a pediatrician. What?! I felt too scared to take care of something so fragile and precious. I thought of all the fields in medicine, pediatrics was the one I knew wasn't for me.

I got my EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certification while in college and worked night and weekend shifts. I loved being an EMT! (despite having no sense of direction and not being able to read a map).

I met my husband while working at a church camp as the camp nurse and chose Texas Tech medical school since it was closest to him while he was finishing school at ACU.

I started medical school at Texas Tech University Medical School in Lubbock and we got married after my first year. As it turns out, my mentor was correct and I LOVED my pediatric rotation and chose to stay at Texas Tech for pediatric residency and served as their chief resident. I had my first two babies while in residency. This was a very busy time and looking back now I still don't know how we managed!

Upon graduating from residency, I remained at Texas Tech as faculty in the pediatric department and worked as a hospitalist, caring for hospitalized children. My family loved Lubbock, but wanted to move closer to home.

I joined the Cook Children's family in 2012 and worked as a hospitalist until July 2016 when I became a PCP (Primary Care Physician) at the Willow Park office. I absolutely love taking care of the children in our community and getting to see them grow from year to year! It has been so much fun to see them at class parties and football games.

I love my job and look forward to spending time with my patients every day. Snuggling newborn babies never gets old! My goal is to take care of my patients just like they are my own babies.

I'm also an Associate Professor with the new TCU/UNTHSC School of Medicine and teach medical students in the office from time to time.

My husband and I live in Aledo with our three kids who attend Aledo schools, our HUGE adopted Newfypoo named Silas and our bearded dragon named Noodle.


Reader comments

I love that she speaks directly to my kids. She develops a strong relationship with the child. She is always quick to respond to my concerns and questions.

- Shannon, Fort Worth

Dr. Martin truly takes time to listen to every concern you have. The patient and their families never feel like another number.

- Danielle, Breckenridge