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Beckloff Pediatric Behavioral Center
2x Mom-Approved

Beckloff Behavioral Center is a child, teen, young adult, adult and family counseling center. Our award-winning therapists work hard to get a child or teen back on track in the family. We work with the family to help in any number of areas: depression, anxiety problems, learning and school issues, ADHD, Spectrum (ASD) issues, social problems and the like. We work with the young adult on struggles with school, “launching” and mood/anxiety issues. We believe in working with the whole family, bringing to bear what is needed to exercise change. We always have two therapists on every case, believing that two heads are better than one. We congratulate our Mom Approved therapists this year: Dean Beckloff, PhD; Zac Grisham, MS, LPC-S; Vera Leipold, MEd, LPC; Patty Gobin, MEd, LPC and Trisha Makan, LPC-Intern. We do everything we can to help, whether that is in the family, school or social arena. Let us get to work for your family.

Reader comments

Dean Beckloff is amazing. He is so great with my children. He works around your hours if need be. Kid-friendly is A+. He is not only a kind man but he makes everyone involved feel included and comfortable.

- Jayson, Dallas

Dr. Dean Beckloff is a sensitive, fun and friendly counselor. His caring nature allows for relaxed and open dialogue. His advice and expertise is unparalleled. He will attend school meetings to advocate for your child, as well as offer helpful suggestions for success at home and school.

- Saundra, Dallas

Gifted at understanding and connecting with kids and adults. Intuitive, empathetic and knowledgeable.

- Laura, Irving

Super smart and so good with the kids. They trust him.

- Erin, Dallas

Dean is wonderful with children and is great with couples going through divorce. He helps kids of divorcing or divorced parents navigate through it all. He is kind, gentle, but firm with those not looking out for the best interest of their kids.

- Shannon, Dallas

Compassionate care. Truly cares about clients and family. Accessible by email for questions. Kid-friendly environment in waiting area with movies, toys and snacks. Kids enjoy going to therapy.

- Kathy, Murphy