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Children’s University offers exceptional care and education, starting with our preschool programs, and grows with your children as they transition to elementary school and into 6th grade. Paramount to a wellrounded education, Children’s University fosters a strong sense of community through outreach programs, responsibility and citizenship in our students.

Our innovative programs identify and promote each child’s natural gifts and talents through a stimulating and challenging curriculum, perceptive teaching and exceptional educational resources. Individual attention, educated teachers and small class sizes ensure that parents love bringing their children here.

Children’s University is committed to challenging children by fostering high academic and character development. We are allowing for substantial academic growth by also promoting parental involvement, electives and extracurricular activities, in a creative and supportive educational environment. Our adaptable, exemplary curriculum will be viewed as a model of excellence in twenty-first century education and beyond.


  • Exceptional grounds with a nature center and barnyard with live animals cared for by our students
  • Broadcast studio where 3rd – 6th graders write, produce, engineer and anchor weekly broadcasts
  • Student-designed tree house used as an outdoor classroom and theater
  • Outdoor life-size chess board enhances students’ critical thinking while having fun playing chess
  • Great Hall Library with domed ceiling and medieval theme inspires students to take their imagination to the next level
  • Character education is a key piece of our curriculum to ensure students receive a well-rounded education
  • Our dedicated teachers collectively have more than 600 years of teaching experience
  • Smaller class sizes mean students receive individual attention & get the education they need
  • Flower and vegetable gardens planted and maintained by the students
  • Access to enriching electives like animal husbandry, business, chemistry, drama, engineering, German, robotics, sign language, yoga, and more
  • Students leave CU prepared for the next step – with confidence, critical thinking & problem-solving skills and a sense of personal accountability
  • Children's University students consistently score above the national averages and many also score at least one grade level ahead on standardized tests

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