Best Healthcare Providers in Dallas / Fort Worth


When your child is sick or hurt, little else matters. Parents will stop at nothing to help their child reach 100 percent again. Most parents aren’t M.D.’s, so in times of trouble, they rely heavily on their doctors. In an area as large as Dallas-Fort Worth, finding a doctor you can trust and connect with can be a daunting task. Finding a pediatrician your child can trust and connect with? Even tougher. The staff at DFWChild realizes this, and that’s why we launched Mom-Approved Doctors. We asked our experts—local moms—to reach out to us and share their favorite physicians. These moms are convinced that their doctor is special, and they want you to know why.

What is a Mom-Approved Doctor?
A Mom-Approved Doctor is a doctor who has earned the trust, admiration and respect of parents. Local parents reached out to our magazine, recommended these physicians and told us why.

Whether it’s bedside manner, flexibility or professional acumen, moms love these doctors and want to recommend them to other moms. All of these doctors were in good standing with the Texas Medical Board, or appropriate certifying body, at press time. Click here for more information about our process.

How do I recommend a doctor?
To recommend a Mom-Approved Doctor, sign up for our email newsletters and we'll let you know when the next Mom-Approved survey opens. We ask that you leave comments telling us why you chose this particular doctor.

Was it their empathy? Their listening and communication skills? Moms want to know why you think this doctor is special. Comments we publish will be edited for grammar and clarity, and for anonymity will include only your first name and your city.