Best Day Camps in Dallas / Fort Worth


Camp is that rite of passage that filled your summer days way back when. It’s a different world now that you have your own camp-age kid at home, but camp is an experience not to be missed. Sure, your kid could spend their summer on the couch with their device in hand, or they could have experiences that will shape their lifelong interests and even be a source of lifelong friendships. The benefits remain constant.

But how do you choose the right one for them? Day camps, outdoors, indoors, science camps, art camps, computer camps, nature camps, activity camps, overnight camps—the options are as different as every child’s personality.

For kids who have never before experienced sleepaway or overnight camp, it’s best to start small and first try a day camp. This schedule usually begins in the morning and lets them come home in the late afternoon so they can spend some time with their nearby friends.

There are lots more factors to consider when selecting a camp for your child: duration, cost, geographical distance from your home, indoor vs. outdoor, and single activity or multiple activities, and of course your child’s readiness and level of interest in a certain subject. Specialty camps provide concentrated instruction in one or two areas and are a good option for those who are extremely focused on a given activity and can maintain their attention span.

We know you want to land on the camp that’s right for your child, so begin your search here on our directory where you’ll find many of the best day camps in Dallas-Fort Worth and beyond across the state.

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