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8411 Preston Rd. Suite 200, Dallas

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Your children are in for a treat with Dr. Damon. She is a board-certified pediatric dentist located in Dallas. Her experience is grounded in a passion for growth and development, prevention, and wellness beginning from birth to the age of 18! Correcting suboptimal growth and development can impact a child’s life by affecting their feeding, swallowing, breathing, and sleeping. Her goal is to help kids thrive! Prevention is also a focus with our Hands-on Learning Lab™ where children learn the science and techniques for self-care of their teeth while working one-on-one with a health coach.

Reader comments

Dr. Carla specializes in oral wellness, prevention, and the proper growth and development of children in a way that includes the whole body. She she strives to choose products that are healthier options your children. Her practice includes not only dentistry, but she also treats and corrects oral restrictions in the mouth and how they play into breastfeeding and bottle feeding issues, speech problems.

- Jessica, Mckinney