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At Camden Hill Montessori, we are student-centered and appreciate the diversity in our students’ individual learning styles. In addition to being committed to Maria Montessori’s belief that children learn best at their own pace and through their own desire to learn, we make use of various technologies to ensure that our students master the academic readiness skills that will prepare them for their next step in education. We believe our classes are composed of more than just students and teachers. At Camden Hill Montessori, we see each room as a community of individuals who contribute to the group and its culture. We continuously update and monitor your child’s progress, sharing these findings with you at parent-teacher conferences. At Camden Hill Montessori, there is no “one size fits all” approach to learning.

At Camden Hill Montessori, your child will take ownership of learning and contribute to solving problems within the classroom community. As our students meet challenges and succeed, they are met with encouragement.

The inclusion of students of multiple ages in each classroom presents a wonderful opportunity for older students to mentor younger ones and for younger students to learn from them. At Camden Hills Montessori, it is not unusual to see students motivated to learn more by observing their peers’ accomplishments.

Teachers take a balanced approach to fostering learning through teacher direction and student interest. At Camden Hill, your child’s interests are always considered and their strengths are nurtured, and the teacher guides the learning process to prepare your child academically for future education.

We celebrate diversity, culture and knowledge of the world around us. At Camden Hill Montessori we expose students to countries, cultures and customs to prepare them for future leadership and success.