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My 12-year-old son considers Dr. Grandjean his buddy and they connect on a level that is so comfortable and easy, not clinical. He offers a great environment for working with kids.

- D, Coppell

My son has been seeing Brian for over 5 years, now. When first talking to Brian, he stated that his clients called him the Lego doctor, indicating that both he and his clients are able to relate to each other using Legos. With my son’s very strong interest in Legos, I felt that having Brian as my son’s counselor would be very beneficial. When my son first started seeing Brian, his office was conveniently located about 5 minutes from our home. Brian has since changed office locations, and although it is not 5 minutes from our home, it is conveniently located. Brian has helped my son adjust to being an adult. Brian also changed the group therapy format to use the original role-playing Dungeons and Dragons to teach different objectives for each of the group clients through role-playing

- Rebecca, Allen

My daughter, 10 yrs old, has struggled big time these past couple years with self esteem, anxiety, depression, self hate, poor grades, anger, and keeping friends. Since seeing Dr. G, even in such a short time, she’s overcome so much recently. She has become stronger, braver, calmer, more content, her self image is a lot better, and her anxiety has definitely greatly improved! We’ve been doing meetings securely through the internet due to covid, and he still is making such a huge difference in her life! There’s constantly open communication, so we know what’s going on and how to help, what to expect, etc., and he gives us tasks or homework, that helps my daughter see issues from other perspectives which helps her have those aha moments and helps her find healthier ways to cope with stress. He’s been absolutely amazing and we can’t thank him enough for helping my baby girl’s true self shine through again!

- Holly, Howe

Dr. G is phenomenal at connecting with my autistic son. He has a talent for finding my son’s interests and using them in play therapy to delve into and discuss issues.

- Jerri, Mckinney

Brian is very professional. He has taken a special interest in helping our son navigate through life. When our son does not do the follow- through, he is very relatable and not condescending.

- Patti, Allen