Beth Lewis Therapy Group


1814 8th Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110, USA

Additional information

The Beth Lewis Therapy Group is a group of fully licensed and partially licensed family therapists working collectively and within the supervision of therapist and writer, Beth Lewis, MA, LPC-S. They are conveniently located in Fort Worth’s near Southside, and thanks to their HIPPA compliant Telehealth option, you can introduce your Great Aunt Myrtle located in West Texas to their therapy sessions. Or maybe you only have a quick hour at lunch, or while you’re parked in your car while your children are with the sitter...any way you need to cut it, they’ve got your therapy covered. Did we mention they also have an award winning massage therapist in-house?

Self help doesn’t get better, or have more outside-of-the-box, original thinking than with the Beth Lewis therapists!

Reader comments

She is real! She helped my daughter through a very tough time, and I will be forever grateful!

- Susie, Fort Worth

Beth Lewis is an exceptional mental health provider. She and I were able to have many sessions via phone due to my living in Iowa. Beth shared who she is with me, allowing me to feel less vulnerable and was able to relate to her and vice versa. I enjoyed our sessions even when there wasn’t a pressing issue with regards to my mental health. I always love speaking with her. She’s compassionate, articulate, creative and a great listener and someone who I admire and respect.

- Jackie, West Des Moines

Beth and her team offer cozy offices and their care to families is warm, inviting, professional and casual. And she brings her dog with her which is always extra comforting.

- Elizabeth, Fort Worth