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Digging Up Something Good

For some kids, a day at school means books and rulers and backpacks. At Little Elm’s Brent Intermediate School, they’re learning more than just multiplication—they’re taking on the environment as well.

Several classes, including teacher Pamela Pauley’s fth graders, have started SLANT45 projects. Pauley’s team, Cowboy Compost, is taking on cafeteria waste with their project “As the Worm Turns.” According to Pauley, the kids brought in waste from home (like coffee grounds) and began layering: leaves, grass cuttings, shredded newspaper and soil. The worms in the compost been busy at work, she says, eating the garbage producing nutrients for the soil. “This teaches kids responsibility and empathy,” she says. “If we work as a community, the world is a better place.”

And with the whole school involved, what a loving community that is.