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A Monday in the Life of Jadah Queen, a Denton County Dancer and Mom of Six

How this Lewisville mom balances a dance career and raising six kids

Jadah Queen is a professional dancer and teacher at Denton Dance Conservatory and a member of MOM Crew, a Dallas-based dance team. She and her husband, Jason, the hub director at Valley Creek Church, live in Lewisville with their six kids—Denver, 7, Rejee, 6, Jason (aka Jase), 4, Scout, 2, and 5-month-old twins, Demi and Declan.

5:42AM Declan’s high-pitched squeal jolts my nerves as I wake just as I had multiple times throughout the night. I sluggishly nurse him into a calming milk coma.

6:13AM I breathe in a brief silence before Demi beckons me. Nursing session round two.

6:33AM Jason kisses my forehead before he leaves for Valley Creek to start his long day at work.

6:59AM “I have to go pottyyyyyyy!!!” Scout is awake. Sigh. I open her door, scoop her into my arms and attack her with kisses. I assist her in the bathroom and switch out her diaper for big girl panties. She’s growing too fast.

7:15AM I bring Scout into the bed to cuddle just a little longer. I scroll through my worship playlist on iTunes and play some Steffany Gretzinger. Oh, the peace her voice brings.

7:33AM I hear the pitter-patters of three pairs of feet scurrying into my bedroom. Several queries on the whereabouts of breakfast fill the room all before I even know what day it is … Monday.

7:36AM “Let’s get school started and I’ll make breakfast,” I tell everyone. Denver, Rejee and Jase skip into the kitchen and sit in their assigned seats. Last night, I prepared their schoolwork into stacks on their desks with each DVD cued to the day’s lesson. I hear the clickety-clacks of keyboards as three teachers’ voices fill the air. Smoothies are on the menu, just like every day. I blend together our usual ingredients: frozen fruit, soy milk, apple juice, protein powder, chia seeds, yogurt and spinach. In a whirl, breakfast is ready and I top each glass with cherry-vanilla granola.

7:45AM. I log onto Facebook and Instagram to upload my latest dance video and respond to potential gig opportunities.

8AM A symphony of crying draws me back into my bedroom where the twins lie in their crib. Cue diaper changes, nursing, burps, cuddles.

9AM The three older kids are working diligently on their schoolwork until they see me enter the kitchen. “Can I have a snack?” “Jase paused his DVD!” “Where is my writing sheet?” The next few hours include a mélange of schoolwork help, several potty breaks, baby stuff plus a quick load of laundry and dishes.

12:36PM Lunchtime. On the menu today: sandwiches, fruit and milk. It’s not a three-course meal, but it serves its purpose. Add an iced coffee for Mama and we’re ready to push through the rest of the day.

1:41PM After story time, more bathroom breaks and the onset of sudden thirst, Scout is finally down for her nap (way later than I anticipated). All I can do is shrug my shoulders. “Schedule” is a very loose term in our family.

2PM Jase and Rejee complete school, and I sneak away into the guest room and steal a moment to focus on dance. A wave of inspiration floods my body as I choreograph. My alarm goes off at 2:30pm, reminding me that the babysitter will arrive in an hour. I film a quick video so I won’t forget my concept and rush to get dressed. I remind Denver and Rejee to get dressed for their dance class.

2:40PM The older girls are dressed and ready, so it’s go time for Mama. I warm up milk bottles, make sure cloth diapers are clean for use, double-check Jase to make sure he has pants on, cook spaghetti so the sitter can facilitate dinner, pack some food to go and tidy up in the kitchen and living room so my babysitter doesn’t think we are complete slobs.

3:45PM Babysitter arrives and we dart into the car and drive to Denton Dance Conservatory.

4:30PM I teach my mini hip-hop class for ages 5-7. Denver and Rejee take this class and it fills my heart to know that I get to be a part of their dance experience.

5:30PM While I teach beginners hip-hop for kids ages 9-11, Rejee heads to the studio next door for ballet and Denver goes to read in the lobby.

6:15PM A quick break for me. Denver and I spend some quality time and eat our spaghetti.

7PM I take an advanced jazz class. It feels good to enjoy a class for myself—not one that I have to prep for or lead, but just a good old-fashioned dance class where I get to express myself and practice technique.

8PM Party time! It’s my adult beginning hip-hop class—I love the ladies who take my class.

9PM The girls and I drive to QuikTrip to grab “a little suh’n suh’n” before heading home. It’s a highlight for Denver and Rejee. Treats might be their love language.

9:44PM Finally home! We all rush to dress for bed and brush our teeth. I spend 20 minutes preparing the schoolwork for tomorrow, and the lights are off. The kiddos are already in bed—thanks, Hubby—so of course I sneak into their rooms for kisses.

10:15PM My husband and I debrief our days and cuddle while we veg out and watch Netflix. Phew, the day is done. Now time for some rest before we have to do this again tomorrow.