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Decadent Delivery Services Bring Sweet Treats to Your Door

If there’s one smell that causes heads to turn and mouths to water, it’s the sweet scent of hot, freshly baked cookies. But let’s be honest, for busy moms like you, spending hours in the kitchen whisking vigorously and separating eggs isn’t always an option. Luckily, the trend that’s all the rage is home and office delivery of all your favorite treats, from cookies to cupcakes to cake balls. Whether you just want a treat to break up your day at work, or you’d like to surprise your family with something fresh from the oven after dinner, these bakeries are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


What’s the sweet treat? Could there be anything better than a knock on the door bringing you freshly baked cookies and milk? Didn’t think so. Order a dozen or more cookies (from snickerdoodle to M&M to butterscotch chip), or indulge in a TiffWich (ice cream cookie sandwich) or slice of cheesecake. Whatever your pick, it all tastes delicious when delivered right to you. $8.99 for a dozen cookies and up.
Have it delivered: $1.25-$20 depending on zip code.
4980 Belt Line Road, Suite 190, Addison, 469/621-7580
1001 Ross Ave., Suite 102, Dallas, 214/720-0500


What’s the sweet treat? Whatever your special occasion may be, a fine cake-filled chocolate is always a good fit. Choose from Espresso (coated with dark chocolate), Red Velvet (coated with white chocolate), Yellow (coated with milk chocolate) Caramel (coated with milk chocolate) or their signature White Chocolate Raspberry, among others. Boxes start at $10; custom-mixed baskets start at $25.
Have it delivered: Boxes can be delivered for $5-$25 depending on location.
209 Main St., Garland, 888/990-2253 


What’s the sweet treat? Combine a woman’s love for cooking and a man’s desire to start a family-owned business, and what do you get? Delicious desserts, delivered right to your door, that’s what. Yum Yums offers Red Velvet Smash (two cookies with cream filling); Apple Pie Cookie (mini apple pie topped with sugar cookie and whipped cream), Blackberry Pie Cookie and more. Cost is $20 for the first dozen and $15 for the second dozen.
Have it delivered: Delivery is included in the cost of the cookies.
Irving, 817/307-2184 


What’s the sweet treat? Do your wee ones constantly ask for chocolate? Indulge their cravings—and feel OK about it. This shop serves up only dark chocolate, which is preferred by gourmands everywhere for its rich and complex flavors—and it’s widely hailed for its health benefits. Pick from a variety of three-inch, multi-layered, mousse-based mini cakes (called entremets). Flavors include the signature Truffle Cake, Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse. $58 for a six pack.
Have it delivered: $18 for local delivery.
6911 Windy Ridge Drive, Dallas, 800/301-5595 


What’s the sweet treat? Serve up a tasty, homemade (well, no one has to know it wasn’t in your home!) treat to your friends at your next get-together. Choose from a variety of fresh flavors, from chocolate peppermint, iced pumpkin, ginger molasses, chocolate chip pecan, oatmeal cranberry or key lime cookies. You can also pick out a cookie cake in chocolate chip or sugar. A dozen cookies costs $18.99; cookie cake cost is $29.99.
Have it delivered: $15 for delivery.
3044 Old Denton Road, Suite 306, Carrollton, 972/245-4100


What’s the sweet treat? Luckily for us, Robin Ankeny knew her family’s secret cake ball recipe was too tasty to keep to herself, so she’s sharing her treats with all of the Metroplex. Choose from indulgent and exotic flavors such as Chocolate Peppermint, Cinnamon Streusel, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Buzz, Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Chocolate Toffee and more. Gift boxes start at $18.
Have it delivered: Shipping varies by zip code; starts at $11.95.
10230 E. Northwest Hwy., Dallas, 214/559-5788


What’s the sweet treat? Looking for something sweet that doesn’t come in a box? Pick out a gourmet cookie bouquet for any special occasion, from birthdays to sports to office parties to anniversaries. Have a new neighbor? Welcome them to the neighborhood with a basket of cookies decorated like houses, trees and mailboxes. You bring the theme, they bring the cookies! $25.99 starting price for a three-cookie basket.
Have it delivered: $8.50 minimum delivery.
3044 Old Denton Road, Suite 111, Carrollton, 972/781-8331


What’s the sweet treat? What started as a way to keep her pregnant daughter comfortable during her hospital stay has turned into a delicious development that keeps North Texas tummies full on a daily basis. Take a bite out of chocolate chip pecan or peanut butter cookies, or try a yummy frosted strawberry cake or glazed banana bread. What makes them extra special? Several of their sweet treats come in gluten-free versions.
Have it delivered: $23.95 per dozen for cookies; $24.95 for cakes and breads; $9.95 for delivery.
7326 Wellcrest Drive, Dallas, 888/763-3542


What’s the sweet treat? What can you NOT get here? Don’t let the name mislead you. In addition to the wide variety of tasty cookies (from toffee chocolate chip to oatmeal raisin to chocolate espresso to M&M to snickerdoodle), you can also indulge in cake balls, muffins and cinnamon rolls. Or, take a chance on the Screamings O, a brownie ball dipped in chocolate. Prices start at $1.25.
Have it delivered: $10 within 10 miles; $1 per extra mile.
6706 Snider Plaza, Dallas, 214/265-5572


What’s the sweet treat? Celebrate football season with a basket of pigskin- and helmet-shaped cookies. Send your loved one a Love Bug cookie bouquet (because sometimes you just can’t say it with words). Or just send a good friend a basket filled with smiling, flower-shaped cookies … just because. You can also stick to the basics: Just order in a box of delicious gourmet cookies and cookie sandwiches in all your favorite flavors. Three-cookie bouquet starts at $25.99; $19.99 and up for a dozen gourmet cookies.
Have it delivered: $12 starting price varies by zip code; same-day delivery available.
1865 Summit Ave., Suite 605, Plano, 972/398-9536


What’s the sweet treat? What’s the occasion? Birthday? Wedding? Baby shower? Just any old Tuesday night? At this bakery, you get it how you like it. From custom cupcakes and brownies (did someone say “cream cheese brownie”?) to cakes and pies, it’s all on the menu … everything except cookies, that is. Try a Vanilla-frosted Cupcake covered in cleverly arranged M&Ms or chocolate hearts, a Brownie Chunk Cheesecake, a Buttermilk Pie like your grandma would make, or a deliciously creamy double-layer Italian Crème Cake. Sweet, homemade candy is also on the menu, from Peanut Brittle to Peppermint Bark. Wash it all down with a spiced milk tea.
Have it delivered: $12 starting cost for delivery.
3100 Independence Pkwy., Suite 101, Plano, 972/596-2422


What’s the sweet treat? Looking for something sweet that doesn’t come in a box? Pick out a gourmet cookie bouquet for any special occasion, from birthdays to office parties to anniversaries to sporting events (what’s all this Super Bowl talk, by the way?). Have a new neighbor? Welcome them to the neighborhood with a basket of cookies decorated like houses, trees and mailboxes. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, send your sweetheart a cute basket filled with heart-shaped sugar cookies, flowers and ladybugs (with hearts for spots, of course). Or send yourself a bouquet of giggle-inducing smiley- and rainbow-shaped cookies … just to brighten your day. You bring the theme, they bring the cookies! $25.99 starting price for a three-cookie basket.
Have it delivered: $8.50 minimum delivery.
5729 Lebanon Road, Suite 144, Frisco, 972/781-8331
3308 Preston Road, Suite 350, Plano


What’s the sweet treat? It’s truly edible art. The specialty here is custom cakes, from elephant-topped baby shower cakes to spooky Halloween cakes to whimsical tilting tea party cakes. Cakes come in a wide variety of flavors, from amaretto and champagne to Mexican chocolate and Italian crème; fillings come in everything from Bavarian crème to white chocolate mousse. But if you’ve got just a bit of a sweet tooth, order in some assorted mini pastries, individually decorated cupcakes, petit fours or cookie trays. Since all items are custom made, prices vary. Request a complimentary tasting and design session with cake stylists before you go; whether you’ve got an idea in mind or you want to put it completely in their hands, these cakes are sure to make it an occasion to remember. Want to learn their secrets? Sign up for a cake-decorating class.
Have it delivered: $50 starting price, varies per zip code.
151 W. Spring Creek Pkwy., Plano, 972/517-0009


What’s the sweet treat? Whatever the occasion, you can count on a tasty treat for your tastebuds. Tell someone “thank you” with a Buttercream-frosted Sugar Cookie, tell a friend “congratulations” with Butter Pecan Shortbread or tell a family member “you rock!” (just because!) with Dark Chocolate Orange Brownie Pops. For Valentine’s Day, speak the language of love (food, of course!) by getting your sweetheart some Chocolate-covered Strawberries. Next time you have a killer sweet tooth, indulge your craving with Cocoa Kiss Truffle Cookies or Gingersnap Cookie Sandwiches with Orange Cream Filling. And of course, truffles, fudge, candied nuts, old-fashioned caramel popcorn and toffee are appropriate for any occasion.
Have it delivered: $11 and up for treats; delivery rates vary by amount ordered.
2720 Meadow Hill Lane, Plano, 469/237-7827


What’s the sweet treat? Whether you just want a hot and tasty treat, or something cute and decorated, this place has you covered. Choose from gourmet cookies such as white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, M&M, chocolate chip pecan and chocolate chip. The specialty, however, is the decorated cookies that come in shapes, from hearts and flowers to school buses and balloons. Brownies, Rice Krispies Treats and decorated cookie cakes are also available. Baskets start at $31.50 for four cookies.
Have it delivered: Delivery starts at $8.
2001 Central Circle, Suite 201, McKinney, 972/569-8383 

Sublime Chocolate

What’s the sweet treat? Feel a little sublime—just for the heck of it. Treat yourself to some luxurious flavors (you may not know what till you take a bite!), or send a box to a friend or loved one to let the chocolate do the talking, whether you want to say “I love you,” “congratulations” or just “have a nice day.” Flavors include golden curry & coconut, caliente caramel with sea salt, Turkish coffee, jasmine rose, pecan pie, white chocolate mango, hazelnut praline, Thai ginger, dark chocolate with almonds and more. Box of six chocolates starts at $15, or go up to a box of 12 or 24.
Have it delivered: $15 local delivery.
1201 E. Main Street., Allen, 972/747-0848

This articles was first published in the February 2011 issue of DallasChild. ©ISTOCK