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Darcy Jones

Already today, Darcy Jones has de-wormed half of her herd of goats, separated the does from the bucks until mating season and chased the unruly rooster back to his pen – twice. Her to-do list certainly has changed from the days when she lived with her husband (the owner of a computer consulting firm) and their five children in a suburban neighborhood in Lewisville, but it’s all part of the hard work involved in seeing her life-long desire to own a farm become reality.
“Farm life was always a dream of mine,” she says as she guides another goat into the pen, “but I had always assumed that it would have to wait until retirement.” A stay-at-home mom to kids ranging in age from 13 to 3, Darcy already had enough to keep her busy, but the opportunity to own a farm presented itself, and the Jones family took it. Almost immediately, Darcy felt like she’d made a decision that would tear her family apart. “I had lots of fear,” she says, recalling the huge learning curve of moving from the city to the country with no previous experience.
Persistence has paid off, and Darcy now has a quickly multiplying goat herd that will be used for breeding and a self-sustaining chicken farm. Although she’s proud to show off the fruits of her labor, the life lessons learned seem to hold the most value to her. She credits the farm for giving her more patience as a mom, for helping her to feel more grounded and for teaching the value of relying on others. “I have learned to let other people help me, which creates a cycle of being so grateful that I want to help others,” she says. Darcy doesn’t stand still to think about life lessons too long. As soon as one set of chores is completed, the next set is clucking or bleating at her feet to remind her that work on the farm is never really done. She seems to like it that way. “Yes, there’s more work, but less burnout,” she says. “It’s counterintuitive, but there is just a peace to be found here that I couldn’t find anywhere else.”